Using the attached documents, please answer the questions below: Participants:

Using the attached documents, please answer the questions below:

Participants: (not a full section, just the demongraphics)

Using the information provided in the overview, describe the source and size of the original sample.  From the output, provide descriptive statistics for age (mean, sd, n) by gender and risk status for the sample used for the analyses.

Data Analysis:

Describe the program used (SPSS) and the types of analyses (independent and dependent samples t tests).

Results: (multiple paragraphs)

State the hypotheses that were tested, the results, and the findings in publication format.  Review publication format for these analyses.  The results in your output may not be the same as described here.

For example: “To confirm the premise that children selected for playgroup have more challenges and lower levels of protective factors and skills, independent samples t tests (two-tailed, α=.05) were used to compare the ratings of ‘at risk’ children with those ‘not at risk’.  As expected, a significant difference at baseline between these two groups were found for teacher ratings of initiative, self-control, attachment, play interaction, behavioral concerns, and play disconnection….Contrary to expectations, baseline play disruption did not differ between at risk and not at risk children.” 

Make sure to respond to all three sets of hypotheses.


Summarize the findings by consideration of all the results in the larger context of the study.  For example, you might start (if this is true in the output provided): “In considering these analyses from the 3rd year of the project, it can be seen that most of the research questions have been answered in the affirmative:  Overall, at risk children showed lower average fall ratings by their teachers in protective factors than their not at risk peers. In addition, they were rated as having higher levels of behavioral concerns and play disconnection, but not of play disruption.” Etc.

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