These readings will help you to become familiar with government


These readings will help you to become familiar with government reform efforts
at the Federal Government level.  As you go through the readings notice the focus
on the Hoover Commission (actually there was a First and Second Hoover
Commission).  This was an attempt at comprehensive reform in the years soon
after the Second World War ended in 1945.  Periodically (by the way) there have
been commissions that arise in different states called “little Hoover
Commissions.” The emphasis on the Hoover Commission is more than to just
have you know that it existed, but to give you some insight into looking at
comprehensive reform.  Notice the Gore Commission is (well somewhat)
The Hoover Commission perhaps provides a legacy or casts a shadow where there
is this desire for comprehensive reform.  The Hoover Commission was influenced
by thinking that grew out of the Progressive Era (roughly 1890 to 1920, you’ll see
reference to this era in the readings.)

how to look at reform, based on what you read?  A very broad issue
so think about how you want to focus on some selected aspects of reform.  For
example, comprehensive reform: is it still feasible?  Or, can we learn from the
past (based on the aspects of American history you received from these
readings)? Or still, where are we now when we think about reform?  You may
have another question or issue in mind, so develop it.

1)  Do discuss the readings and not just briefly—go into some detail on what
you think and why.
minimum of five typed pages (double-spaced).  

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