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Consider Rousseau’s thoughts as he wrote this. Do you think he was wanting sympathy, empathy, or any other particular reactions? Can you see places in the reading that make you think he wrote them to manipulate his readers? Share any other thoughts or ideas you have about this reading and the author. (I will attach Confessions of Jean Rousseau) There needs to be three (3) sections, each with their own heading: Introduction, Summary, and Response. The heading should be in bold. In the Introduction section, you should say who created the material you are analyzing, who published the material, and a general statement about what the material is about. In the Summary section, you are to write about at least four (4) main points from the material. In the Response Section, you are to state why you think the material relates to the main theme of the course. You are also to respond to at least one of the four points you wrote about in your Summary section. You are also supposed to comment on whether the material analyzed was either beneficial or a waste of time and then tell me why you have chosen your response. LENGTH These Summary and Responses should be no more than 350 words. Minimize quotes since there is a 350-word minimum, you should use as many of those as possible to display thinking, not repeating word-for-word what the material creator communicates. prepare a summary/response for ‘Adam Ruins Everything’s ‘The Disturbing History of the Suburbs’ at the following link: prepare a summary/response for ‘1957 Race relations documentary “Crisis in Levittown” Pennsylvania at the following link: prepare a summary/response for ‘Can Manhattan’s High Line Be Replicated? Several Cities Are Trying’

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