Project Description: Note: Please record a video demo of the

Project Description:

Note: Please record a video demo of the bonus feature and include it in the submission. The demo can cover how the bonus feature is working in the dashboard and show the code you used to implement the feature.

Implement an additional feature that will be useful to the users of the farm software. You can choose any one feature from the options provided below.

  • Bonus features:
    • Implement undo and redo using the command pattern. Users should be able to undo and redo actions on the UI implemented in design and implementation – Part 1. E.g. add items, remove items, etc. You don’t have to implement undo and redo for drone simulation and physical drone integration.
    • Implement flight path optimization based on wind. Optimize the path of the drone to maximize battery life based on wind direction, e.g., If the wind is blowing from North to South, the drone should choose a path that takes advantage of the wind and reduces the speed while moving in the direction of the wind.
    • Implement save. Save the state of the user interface that will save all the items and item containers in their current state. Users should be able to load the saved state.
    • If you would like to work on a different bonus feature that is not listed here, you must discuss your idea with the instructor and get prior approval
  • Some or all members of the team can participate in the bonus project. Bonus grades will be assigned only to the members who participated
  • The project will be graded based on the effort needed, fulfilling the specification from the feature description.

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