Political science: State of the Union Speech

Analyze the rhetorical strategies in the State of the Union and Democrat Response originally presented on February 5 2019. Make sure to watch/analyze the entire State of the Union Speech addressed by President Trump on February 5, 2019. Your analysis should include the following:

• Who are the target audiences? These are different for different sections of the speeches.

• How does the speaker use logos – logical means of proof – in his/her speech? Provide a couple of examples.

• How does the speaker use pathos – emotional appeals – in her/his speech? Provide a couple of examples. • Were the uses of logical and emotional appeals effective?

• What role does the credibility of the speaker play in the overall impact of the speech? • How did the speaker build upon what the audience already knows (enthymemes)? • What is your overall conclusion regarding whether or not the speaker achieved their goal(s) for the speech


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