My topic how children in the inner city which is largely segregatedand disproportionatelynonwhite dont have equal access to green spaces.

My topic –
how children in the inner city, which is largely segregated
and disproportionately
non-white, dont have equal access to green spaces. Urban green spaces is a topic you can find in your research, and you could compare 2-3 major US cities and look at how
much fresh air access they have in low-income areas, and what govt efforts exist
to make these happen.
For the power point assignment, each student (individually) is to research an issue related to environmental justice that was not elaborated in great depth this semester. In the power point assignment, students should provide a detailed description of the topic, as well as a discussion of how it fits into the context of research discussed throughout the semester. Because each student must research a different topic, issues must be approved in advance by the professor, and are approved on a first come, first serve basis.
Submission of a detailed outline (includes a detailed outline of the power point, as well as a minimum of seven (7) references cited in proper APA style).
Power Point Annotated Works Cited. This is a list of all of your sources, in the proper format as if it was a works cited page, with a sentence or three explaining what the source is, and how you intend to use it.
some readings from class you may wanna use
Burns, Shirley Stewart. (2007). Bringing Down the Mountains: The Impact of Mountaintop

Removal on Southern West Virginia Communities. West Virginia University Press.
Gunter, Valerie & Kroll-Smith, Steve. (2007). Volatile places: A sociology of communities and
environmental controversies. Thousand Oaks, CA: Pine Forge Press.
Layzer, Judith A. (2016). The environmental case: Translating values into policy (4th ed.).
Washington, DC: CQ Press.

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