Logistics and Supportability Analysis What is the purpose of a lifecycle cost analysis LCCA When in the system life cycle

Logistics and Supportability Analysis
What is the purpose of a life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA)? When in the system life cycle can it be accomplished? What are some of the benefits derived from a LCCA?
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Hazardous Material Clean-up and Air Pollution Control
Please read this weeks assignment. In chapter 5, the author goes into great lengths to discuss different ways a contaminated site can be cleaned. Research a site in your local area that has been reported as being a contaminated hazardous material site. Discuss the site and the procedures taken to revive these areas.
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Crisis Communications: Natural Disasters
1. One of the strategies of the PR consultants in the first news story was getting Red Cross first-aid kits included in an episode of The Real World and Red Cross vehicles in an episode of The West Wing. The Red Cross received 60 percent of the $3.6 billion that Americans donated for hurricane relief. Millions of people saw these TV shows and the name of the American Red Cross. Was the money well spent? Should donor money be used on such efforts? What are the positives, and the negatives?
2. Häagen Daz has won numerous awards for its campaign, but, as of early 2010, there was still not a known cause for the disappearance of the honeybee. Are there other tactics Häagen Daz could take on to alleviate the crisis? (250 words)

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