Length 2000 words 10 allowable either way Specific requirements Includes journals papers and books sourced from the library or other

Length 2000 words (10
% allowable either way)
Specific requirements Includes journals, papers and books sourced from the library or other university resources, APA or s Chicago Author Date referencing system, Journal Articles; one (1) academic or research reference per 200 words.
On successful completion of this assessment, students will be able to:
1. Develop an understanding of complex ethical issues that leaders face in today’s environment; 2. Critically evaluate ethical frameworks to design business scenarios and inform business decisions;
3. Develop business processes to institutionalise ethical frameworks;
4. Critically evaluate sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation concepts and frameworks useful in business decision making processes; and
5. Construct strategic models that combine financial, environmental and social value.
This assignment requires you to reflect on the subject you are studying, in this case, Ethics and Decision Making. This unit enables students to critically explore the ethical viewpoints and moral standards that are relied upon to reach conclusions and make decisions within a business and organisational context. Although some ethical viewpoints are considered universal and consistent across cultures, others are of a local or personal nature. As ethical viewpoints continue to evolve and change over time through interactions with different people and contexts, the ability for managers and leaders of organisations to evaluate these changes, make ethical decisions and respond appropriately is paramount for contemporary organisations. You may frame your reflection through the following two options.
1. A personal incident or experience relevant to the subject you are studying.
2. A recent incident or event reported on in the media relevant to the subject you are studying.
Use concepts and/or theories contained within the subject as lenses to frame your analysis and, based on your insights, draw conclusions and make recommendation for contemporary management practice and/or your own growth and development within a Data and Cyber Management context.

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