Lance Maddox RE: Discussion Week 9COLLAPSE Nurses can lead their role as nurse manger and nurse advocate in policy review.

Lance Maddox RE: Discussion – Week 9COLLAPSE
Nurses can lead their role as nurse manger and nurse advocate in policy review. They can find that they are assets in the policy process. Nurses are the backbone of the hospital hence they have more authority to create, modify or remove polices. “Nurses are essential to the health care industry and maintaining quality nursing care is a primary concern of today’s health care managers” (Nejati, Shepley & Rodiek, 2016).
Challenges for them are created by other professionals or committee teams of the hospital. Sometimes the other professional has the leading role in policy review. If the nurse dose not have the leading role their suggestions maybe discounted, and they lose the ability to finalize decisions. Both of which are challenges.
To overcome these challenges, nurses must struggle to have a definitive position in the committee. To make the decision with a stronger foundation, the nurse may conduct periodic meetings among the committee and discuss the chances and opportunities available.
“…policy initiatives and professional organization position statements that hospital and nursing administrators should be familiar with to respond effectively to public and policy-maker concerns…” (Monroe, Vandoren, Smith, Cole & Kenaga, 2011).
It is important to be aware of opportunities and limitations. Also, they should be aware of any legal updates. By getting updated, they know their chances. They can lift their professional standards. Conferences, seminars, and classes are the strategies that could be used as a mode of communication to address the existence of opportunities.
Policy review for recruitment of staff and managing the shift duties for nurses. “The shortage of nurses is not necessarily a shortage of individuals with nursing qualifications but also includes complex issues, such as lack of well-educated nurses, shortage of nurses willing to work, and geographical imbalances of nurses” (Taewha, Kyeong, Yu, Sung-Hyun & Eun-Young, 2014).
In these situations, nurses have more responsibility in dealing with the policy. Nurses know how and where to recruit other nurses and the areas to appoint them. Nurses are the ones knowledgeable about the problems of managing shift duties, hence should take the lead role in policy review.
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