Instructions In this class we view BA as an outgrowth of the project management process. However BA is a diverse

In this class, we view BA as an outgrowth of the project management process. However, BA is a diverse field with many different professional organizations, gurus, and processes. One fundamental area of difference is the basic process of BA. Our text uses the flow adopted by PMI:
Needs Assessment
Analysis Planning
Requirements Analysis
Solution Evaluation
Other potential process flows are seen in the following links: (2018). Business analysis process guide in 7 stages. Retrieved from
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The Business Analyst Job Description. (2018). Learn how to do ‘business analysis’ in 6 processes. Retrieved from
Evaluate the possible processes above and others you may find.
Describe any advantages or disadvantages, and generate a process flow that you would support for an industry in which you have experience.
A complete analysis will include an evaluation of at least three formats and a process flow with sufficient justification – 3 or 4 pages.
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