Instructions Breaking into Print For this assignment you are going to compose a brief conceptual article for a

Breaking into Print
For this assignment, you are going to compose a brief, conceptual article for a scholarly journal of your choosing.
Using the South University Online Library, locate a scholarly journal that publishes work on leadership. Review the journal’s website (or other material) to identify the author guidelines for submission.
Provide the journal name, web address (if available), and author guidelines as a separate page after the references in your paper (so that your instructor can review them—you would not normally provide the info in a publication submission).
Regardless of the author guidelines provided by your selected journal, the length of your submission is to be 1000–1500 words (4–6 pages, double spaced). Otherwise, follow the author guidelines for the technical aspects of your paper (e.g., specific styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).
Imagine that the journal you have selected is requesting articles pertaining to the broad theme: Leadership Traits and Skills for the 21st Century.
You may select your own topic for submission as long as it clearly connects to the theme.
For example, you might write something about leader traits. You might write something about leader skills. You might write something about both. Following good scholarly writing, the introduction to your paper must justify what the topic is and why it is important.
As you compose your article, keep in mind the three ideas about scholarly conversations that you frequently see in discussion question instructions. Scholarly conversations are
provocative, and
supported. An article that lacks any of the three characteristics is unlikely to get publication approval from a reviewer or an editor.
Submission Details:
Use APA format and style (or an alternative style provided in the journal’s author guidelines) for your paper.
Compose your article in a 4–6-page Microsoft Word document.
Name your document SU_MGT7115_W2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.

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