Initial Post Due Thursday This is a list not exhaustive of common character education programs adopted by schools or districts

Initial Post (Due Thursday)
This is a list (not exhaustive) of common character education programs adopted by schools or districts for their curriculum:
Second Step
Steps to Respect
Highly Effective Teaching Susan Kovalik – Lifeskills
Heartwood Program
Character Counts!
Center for the 4th and 5th Rs
Wise Skills
I CAN Character Curriculum
STAR (Success through Accepting Responsibility – K-6)
How to be Successful (7-9)
Values in Action
Positive Action
The 4 Rs Program (Reading, Writing, Respect, and Resolution)
Character First Education
For this post, do the following:
Conduct and Internet search focused on 3-4 of these programs. Choose one that you could imagine adopting at your school to conduct more in-depth research on for developing a review. (You are not expected to purchase any character education program, but to base your review on what is publicly available on the web and/or available to you through your district/school.)
You may elect to review one not included in the list above, however, present the program to your instructor prior to beginning the work.
If your school uses a character education program, you may review it to learn more about the nuances and other ideas about it that may exist.
Imagine you are on a steering committee for your district to research and adopt a character program. Compile a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation that will summarize the program of your choice to the committee and teachers for an informative decision.
If you have chosen a program your school already uses, you will still follow these steps. Please addresses the following:
Target age and demographics
Approach of the program—classroom-based for individual teachers, school wide, flexible, etc.
Focus of the curriculum/content as well as the intended outcomes
If there are research-based reviews about your chosen program, also examine that for another lens on the efficacy of the model.
If research is lacking, anecdotal evidence from those that use the program can be used.
Include your perceptions of the pros and cons of the approach and program according to teaching character education
Include your overall evaluative opinion of why or why not the program will support your school’s character education goal.
Post your PowerPoint PDF or a link to your Prezi on the discussion board, being sure to put the program name in the title of your post.
Note: Saving your PowerPoint presentation as a PDF before uploading to Blackboard reduces the file size and ensures everyone can access your presentation.
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.
Peer Responses (Due Saturday)
Read your classmates’ posts. Find at least two who have reviewed something different from what you chose (if possible). Compare and contrast your program with theirs. What do they have in common? How do they vary? What does this distinction offer to teachers and students? Would the program be a good fit for your school culture? Why or why not?
Find one who reviewed the same program you chose (if possible). What information was different form yours? Compare your opinions to discuss the similarities and differences of each of your evaluations of the program.
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies, other research, and experiences. You are required to respond to comments or questions about your posts.

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