In place of a formal paper you will create a project that like the paper takes a position on some

In place of a formal paper, you will create a project that, like the paper,
takes a position on some aspect of social media or technology and its impact in our lives and then creatively argues your position in a unique project. Just as with the formal paper, you must gather research to support your argument and find a way to incorporate it in your project.
The topic is: Children should not be allowed to use the internet before high school.
You will do a series of interviews with parent and children who impacted by social media or technology.
It must be clear in your project that this research was used. Your project must also include the following:
1. Clear, argumentative thesis revealed toward the beginning of the project.
2. Just as with the formal paper, you must make concrete points/arguments in support of your thesis (position)
3. Your arguments must be backed up with research.
3. Five sources at a minimum must be used, four must come from the Pierce College databases while one can come from Google Scholar. (The file attached is the copy of the sources come from Pierce College Library. This will be support for my point view in the topic. Please use these sources, I am required to do that. You will use another sources from Google Scholar to support for the opposite point.)
5. MLA formatting must be used in the Works Cited and in any citations.
6. Your project should be free of grammar and sentence structure errors.
7. Logos, Ethos, and Pathos are clearly used. (the use of facts and statistics (logos), credible sources and experts (ethos), and emotional persuasion (pathos).
8. Creativity is the key. While this is a subjective grade, it should be clear that you put in extensive time and effort (the same as you would a formal paper).

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