Assessments Content Instructions: Read Which Is the Most Influential Work


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  1. Instructions: Read Which Is the Most Influential Work of Art Of the Last 100 Years (Plagens, Peter, Newsweek, 7/2/2007, Vol. 150, Issue 2) and review ‘Picasso and American Art’ (Associated Press, 2006). These resources better explain how artists were influenced and inspired by other artists, social influences, and cultures, including Picasso himself while painting “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”. Write a 1-2 page paper discussing the following topics:
    • How art was understood, appreciated, and shared historically, both by artists and the general public
    • How the discovery and appreciation of art has changed due to advances in technology
    • How social and political happenings have influenced artists
    • You may use resources from the Rasmussen Library. Use APA format for proper citation.

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