Articulate the roles played by team members in a software

 Articulate the roles played by team members in a software development project, and explain how the Java programming language and development environment enable you to perform your role as a software programmer/developer in a development project.

It is suggested that you complete the assessments in this course in the order they are presented so that you will build your skills and utilize resources appropriately.

In this assessment, you will learn about computers and how they work. You will learn about the software development process and the role a programmer plays in this process. And you will also learn about the Java programming language and get an overview of its many programming features.

You will use the NetBeans IDE to develop your Java applications. For this assessment, you will setup your NetBeans development environment so that you can use it for completing the course weekly assessments.

10 Assignments (Need to submit every 2-3 days 1 assignment). 

****$25 Per Assignment****

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