1. Post a conversation thread (at least 100 words in

1. Post conversation thread (at least 100 words in length excluding quotes; 2 points) by the second SUNDAY (4/10) as follows:

(A) IDENTIFY problem(s) related to public safety either in your neighborhood or CSU main campus. The problem may vary (public disorder to crime) but makes you feel unsafe.

(B) ANALYZE “the identified problem’s causes, scope, and effects” (see p.102 of the textbook). The analysis includes, for example, why you think the problem happens, how often it occurs, and what factors if any, make it sustainable in the place. 

Explain (A) the problems and (B) the possible causes/factors in detail enough to let your classmates know the situation.

2. Post a comment on at least two (2) of your colleagues’ conversation thread (each comment must be a minimum of 150 words in length, excluding quotes; 1.5 points each), in RESPONSE to the problems that your colleagues identified (Do not comment on your conversation thread but your classmates’). You will not get full credit for just quoting your classmates’ conversations or comments. ALL RESPONSES are to be posted by 9 pm on the third SUNDAY (4/17)

What strategies would you recommend to overcome the problems? Read carefully the identified problems and analysis that your colleagues posted. Have some time to brainstorm and find the most suitable and reasonable solutions, according to their ANALYSIS (the possible causes/factors of the problems). You also read the assigned chapters in this module and may find some strategies and responses that were already implemented to overcome community problems.

Your comment must respond to the identified problems/analysis and include:

  • reasonable and specific actions/solutions without increasing police budget and dispatch times
  • the reasons why you think the suggested solutions will alleviate the problems
  • estimated annual cost as a dollar value if all of your suggestions are implemented.

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